M - F     5:45 am     The Power of Pentecost with Dennis and Linda Myers                                      
M - F
6:00 am Sheila K. In the Morning
M - F
8:30 am Rummage Report
M - F
9:00 am PowerPoint Ministries with Jack Graham
M - F
10:05 am Love Worth Finding with Dr. Adrian Rodgers
M - F
10:30 am Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah
M - F
11:00 am Jay Sekulow Live with Jay Sekulow
M - F 11:30 am Southwest Radio Ministries

M - F 12:30 pm Rummage Report
F only
1:00 pm Expecting God To Move with Pastor Bill Pennington 
M - Su
3:30 pm The Way It Ought to Be with Pete Hornbuckle
M - F     5:30 pm     Rummage Report                                                                                                                        
7:05 pm Bluegrass Gospel with Jamie Hovis (1st Monday of each month)
M -F
11:00 pm Hope In The Night LIVE national call in ministry program


Sa        8:05 am     Adventures In Odyssey                                                                                                           
Sa 9:05 am Doug Rye Home Remedies Show
Sa 12:00 pm Christian Flight Gospel Praise with Harold Yancy 
Sa 4:30 pm Jesus is Alive and Well with Cecil Compton


7:30 am     The Power of Pentecost with Dennis and Linda Myers                                      
8:00 am Family Bible Hour from Marble Hill Bible Chapel
9:30 am Bethel Baptist Church with Pastor Fred Ritter
10:30 am 1st Baptist Marble Hill LIVE
12:05 pm The Gospel Greats with Paul Heil
8:00 pm Expecting God to Move with Pastor Bill Pennington

 *Other notes concerning programming.  During all times not specifically listed above the station airs the "Solid Gospel Network" based out of Nashville Tennessee.  Other programming includes Sports Broadcasts of the Woodland Cardinal basketball, Scott City Rams football, Meadow Heights girls basketball and Oran Eagles Baseball.