M-Sa 1:00 am The Will Stephens Show Re-Air with Will Stephens
M-F 3:00 am Financial Issues with Dan Celia
M - F
5:45 am The Power of Pentecost with Dennis and Linda Myers
M - F
6-8:30 am The Morning Drive with Bill McCarty 
M - F
8:30 am Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah
M - F
9:05 am In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley 
M - F 9:30 am Power Point with Dr. Jack Graham
M - F
10:00 am Local Calendar of Events and Funeral Notices 
M - F
11:00 am Through The Bible with J. Vernon McGee
M - F
11:30 am Southwest Radio Church with Dr. Noah Hutchins 
M - F     11:55 am        Noon Sports Report with Richard Blakely                                                    
M - F
12 Noon In Prayer
M - F
12:05 pm The Will Stephens Show with Will Stephens 
M - F
1:03 pm  Jay Sekulow Live with Jay Sekulow 
M - F
2:05 pm Love Worth Finding with Adrian Rogers 
M - F
2:30 pm The Way Things Ought To Be with Pete Hornbuckle  
M - F
3:30 pm Leading The Way with Dr. Michael Yousef 
M - F
4:30 pm Family Talk with Dr. James Dobson

M - F    5:50 pm           Joni and Friends with Joni Erickson Tada                                                     
M - F
10:05 pm In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley
M - F
11:00 pm Hope In The Night with June Hunt  

Special Programming:


M 5:00 pm The Fillin' Station with Tish Brooks


T      4:00 pm         Pocketful of Sonshine with Treena Wicoff                                                                          
T 5:00 pm The Fillin' Station with Tish Brooks
T 7:00 pm Jesus is Alive and Well with Evangelist Cecil Compton


5:00 pm                                             The Fillin' Station with Tish Brooks                             
W 9:00 pm              Gaither Homecoming Radio


Thu 5:00 pm The Rottweiler Show
6:00 pm Christ Community Church Radio with Pastor Rick McNeely 
8-10:00 pm The Gospel Greats with Paul Heil 


Fri      9:30 am       Immanuel Baptist Church Broadcast                                                             
Fri 6:00 pm Unshackled Radio Drama 


Sa      7:00 am       The Way It Ought To Be with Pete Hornbuckle                                                   
7:30 am Adventures in Odyssey
8:30 am Your Story Hour Radio 
Sa 9:00 am Doug Rye Home Remedies Program 
Sa 11:00 am Search for Greater Life with Pastor Mark Fitzpatrick
Sa 11:30 am Hallelujah, Tell It Like It Is! with Bro. Apostle
Sa 12:00 pm Kitchen Chat with Margaret McSweeny
Sa 5:30 pm Sounds of Joy Hymns
Sa 6:00 pm The Fillin' Station with Tish Brooks


Su      6:30 am      The Power of Pentecost                                                                             
Su 7:30 am The Baptist Hour with Laselle Bradley Junior
Su 8:15 am Pastor Gary Clark Radio Ministry 
Su 8:30 am The Way Things Ought To Be with Pete Hornbuckle
Su 9:00 am Immanuel Lutheran Church Murphysboro LIVE
Su 10:00 am Sunday Morning Praise with Tish Brooks 
Su 10:45 am Elm Street Baptist Church LIVE 
Su 12:00 pm Apostolic Lighthouse Program with Pastor Joseph Crowe
Su 12:30 pm Jay Sekulow Weekend
Su 1:00 pm In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley

Su        1:30 pm      The Jesus Message with Dannie Hood                                                               
Su 2-4:00 pm   The Gospel Greats with Paul Heil
Su 4:00 pm Come and Dine LIVE Radio with Cleatus Zimmerman
Su 5:00 pm First Baptist Church of Carterville
Su 5:30 pm Jay Sekulow Weekend with Jay Sekulow 
Su 6:00 pm The Sunday Sermon with J. Vernon McGee
Su 7:00 pm Spectacles of Faith with Dr. Dan Cross
Su 7:30 pm Hallelujah, Tell It Like It Is! with Bro. Apostle
Su 8:00 pm Moments From Victory with Glen Aulgur 

Su     9:00 pm       Gaither Homecoming Radio                                                                             
Su 10:30 pm The Power of Pentecost Sunday Edition  
Su 11:00 pm Turning Point Weekend with David Jeremiah 

*Other notes concerning programming.  During all times not specifically listed above the station airs the "Solid Gospel Network" based out of Nashville Tennesee.  Other programming includes Sports Broadcasts of Pinckneyville Panther Ahtletics, John A Logan College Athletics, Trico Pioneer Athletics, and Steeleville Warrior Athletics.  

At the top of every hour except 11am the station airs Salem Radio news for 3 minutes and a weather update.  

All programming is subject to change.